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Carenero 60% - Display (24 bars) 30g bars

Carenero 60% - Display (24 bars) 30g bars

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Trinitario Cacao Type - Encounter between the fruity flavors that define this chocolate: guava, banana, passion fruit, and unrefined cane sugar. A tropical gift for the taste memory.

Origin: Barlovento, State of Miranda, Venezuela.

Carenero at 60% concentration - Tropical Rainforest

  • Banana
  • Passion Fruit
  • Guava
  • Unrefined cane sugar

Content: 1 display of 24 bars (30 g each / 720g total)

Dimensions: 9,3 x 9,3 x 1,3cm

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar 

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