3 pack/Caja de Regalo Premium, 16 Napolitanas

  • $58.50

Enjoy a small tasting of Dark Chocolate of Origin with this exquisite selection of extra-fine varietals of the Trinitario type, manufactured with Ocumare (toasted, fruity and citric, with aromas and taste reminiscent of banana), Choroni (smoked, toasted and astringent, with woodsy flavor and aroma) and Canoabo (fruity, creamy, sweet, with lemon aroma).

 Assorted Extra-fine Varietals

Criollo Origin strains: Canoabo, Choroni, Ocumare

70% concentration (without blends or additives)

Content: 16 pieces, 4g

Total Weight: 192g

Dimensions: 16,5 x 16,4 x 2,5 cm