#EverybodyIsExtraordinary - Buy our BLUE products and support "Autismo en Voz Alta"

Everybody Is Extraordinary

Franceschi Chocolate wears blue for the World Autism Awareness Month.

With the purchase of one of our products with blue band, you will be automatically supporting the "Autismo en Voz Alta" foundation (affiliated with Autism Speaks). We'll be donating a percentage of every purchase marked with the Blue Band to raise our voice and establish our commitment with those in need of a hand.

International Chocolate Awards Winners - World 2018

Worldwide recognized, our Criollo Collection is awarded at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards.

The Franceschi Chocolate Criollo Collection is made of Venezuelan ancestral Criollo cacaos, homage to the genetic purity of the finest cacaos of the world, harvested by Casa Franceschi. Notes of nuts, almonds, caramel, honey, and light fruity tones live together in its complex structure, characterized also by a great persistence in mouth, low acidity, and soft astringency and bitterness.

A Taste Of A Great Story...

Begins with a journey, a long journey begun by a young man who brought with him a passion to plant in this land. That young man was Vicente Franceschi Vicentelli, who, with barely 18 years of age, arrived to Venezuela in 1828 and settled in Carúpano, State of Sucre, a remote place where he would soon begin to forge his definite bond with our cacao.

Almost two centuries later, his passion resulted in a family business vigorously dedicated to the conservation of the finest cacaos in the world. Six generations of experience support a centennial tradition that has given Franceschi full domain on:

The Art of Single Origin Dark Chocolate.